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8 Important Items – Contractor Registration Bond Claims in Washington

By By Matt McCafferty, McCafferty & Steinmark, PLLC You are a supplier or subcontractor and are owed money on a Washington construction project.  In addition to compelling payment via a breach of contract claim and/or construction lien claim (and/or other viable claims), you are also considering a contractor registration bond claim pursuant to RCW 18.27.040. …
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NC Lien Waiver Update: Are Your Standard Waivers Enforceable?

By Steven Hemric, Spilman Thomas & Battle, PLLC Lien waivers are an integral part of the payment process on every construction project, often being a prerequisite to any contractor, subcontractor, or supplier being paid. Because of the prevalence of these waivers, many construction disputes hinge on whether or not a party waived its claims for…
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Lien Releases & Waivers – PROCEED WITH CAUTION

“Please sign and return the attached lien release/waiver.”  This is a routine request received by contractors and suppliers throughout the life of a construction project.  Because it is so routine, and because the request is often tethered to a coming payment, you may find yourself in the dangerous habit of quickly filling out and signing…
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An Unregistered Contractor Can’t Commence a Lawsuit to Recover for Unpaid Work

Most contractors are aware the State of Washington requires a contractor to be licensed/registered.  Additionally, some are aware RCW 18.27.080 prohibits an unlicensed contractor from bringing a lawsuit against an owner to recover a contract balance.  Recently, in Dobson v. Trefan, the Washington Court of Appeals illustrated that there are very few exceptions to this…
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