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Removal of Documents – Effective April 1, 2024

In an effort to speed up website performance and increase productivity, effective April 1, 2024 Lien Research Corp. will begin the processing of purging documents under the My Documents tab of the Lien Research website. This will affect BOTH Previously Submitted Orders as well as Completed Orders. This new software will remove documents that are more than four years old (prior to April 2020). The system will continue to purge old documents every quarter. This applies to documents that are four years old ONLY. Please take this time to save any older documents you may need.
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Construction Contracts: Terms & Issues

By Seth Millstein, Pillar Law PLLC ADDITIONAL INSURED WARRANTY PROVISIONS SUIT LIMITATION PROVISIONS RETENTION CHANGES AND CHANGE ORDERS DISPUTES AND REMEDIES INDEMNIFICATION Seth Millstein has been practicing construction law in Seattle since 2004.  He founded Pillar Law PLLC in 2010.  Seth is the Vice-Chair of WSBA’s Construction Council. Together with Kerry Lawrence, Pillar Law primarily…
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8 Important Items – Contractor Registration Bond Claims in Washington

By Matt McCafferty, McCafferty & Steinmark, PLLC You are a supplier or subcontractor and are owed money on a Washington construction project.  In addition to compelling payment via a breach of contract claim and/or construction lien claim (and/or other viable claims), you are also considering a contractor registration bond claim pursuant to RCW 18.27.040.  Good…
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NC Lien Waiver Update: Are Your Standard Waivers Enforceable?

By Steven Hemric, Spilman Thomas & Battle, PLLC Lien waivers are an integral part of the payment process on every construction project, often being a prerequisite to any contractor, subcontractor, or supplier being paid. Because of the prevalence of these waivers, many construction disputes hinge on whether or not a party waived its claims for…
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Lien Releases & Waivers – PROCEED WITH CAUTION

“Please sign and return the attached lien release/waiver.”  This is a routine request received by contractors and suppliers throughout the life of a construction project.  Because it is so routine, and because the request is often tethered to a coming payment, you may find yourself in the dangerous habit of quickly filling out and signing…
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An Unregistered Contractor Can’t Commence a Lawsuit to Recover for Unpaid Work

Most contractors are aware the State of Washington requires a contractor to be licensed/registered.  Additionally, some are aware RCW 18.27.080 prohibits an unlicensed contractor from bringing a lawsuit against an owner to recover a contract balance.  Recently, in Dobson v. Trefan, the Washington Court of Appeals illustrated that there are very few exceptions to this…
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