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Working Hard For Your Hard Work

You deserve to be paid for the services and supplies you’ve provided. A mechanic’s lien is a very powerful process that, when done correctly, can help you get paid. The lien is an encumbrance on the property and can prevent the owner from refi, selling or transferring a construction loan. It gives you a chance to collect within an 8-month timeline in Washington. Other states have different timelines.

A Trusted Lien Processing & Servicing Resource

The mechanic’s lien process is complicated. There is a lot of detailed, in depth research that has to be done on the forms, content, and timelines. With more than 30 years of industry experience, Lien Research is uniquely qualified to successfully get you through the entire process, from determining eligibility and acquisition of proper data to the preparation, filing of pre-lien notices and mechanic’s liens.

30 Years of Construction Lien Results

  • Lien searches in most areas nationwide
  • Public records searches - Tax Liens, Bankruptcies, Judgments
  • Corporate, LLC, LP, Sole Proprietorship, and Partnership records
  • Limited UCC record searches
  • Verifying all Lien Data
  • Preparing Notice to Owner
  • Notifying all Concerned Parties
  • Documenting Delivery of Notices
  • Properly Prepare Lien
  • File Lien with County Recorder’s Office
  • Serve the Lien to all parties


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“I have found they do a terrific job, are incredibly responsive, and I wish that all of my clients used LRC...”

Seth M.
Pillar Law

“We rely on their expertise on all our preliminary notices and we have never had any issues! Lien Research’s interactive website is an outstanding feature, making it easy for my staff of 10 credit managers to look up lien laws in any state with a click of the mouse.“

Margaret W.

“Every Credit Manager in the construction trades needs an asset like Lien Research. Judy and her Team are simply the BEST in the Pre-Lien and Lien business. Efficiency, Thorough, Nice, Professional and Inclusive are the adjectives I would apply to this awesome company!”.

Wayne L.