Public Works

Our Public Works services include the following and more:


If you’re working on a project that’s owned by a public agency, you may be required to do a preliminary notice to have the right to claim against the bond and/or retainage withheld from the general contractor.  Each state’s requirements are different, similar to private works.  Some states require just the general contractor to receive copies, some require the public agency and the general to receive copies and some even require the bonding/surety company to receive a copy.  Based on the state’s requirements, we will research and mail your notice to those required parties.


Because you can’t place a lien on publicly owned property, each state has a system/statute in place to help you get paid through other avenues, such as a payment bond claim and/or a claim against the retainage being withheld from the general contractor’s progress payments by the public entity.  We research completion dates (if your deadline to file is based on the completion of the project) to be sure your claim is timely done.  This research also includes obtaining copies of the said bond(s).  Nothing is recorded in the county, but the claim is then mailed to all parties.