Private Works

Our private works services include various document preparation and other work.


There are different statutory requirements for each state when it comes to preliminary notices. Some states require construction lenders &/or all mortgagees to receive copies. Some states require the owner or general contractor to record a Notice of Commencement in county records. If this is done, then your notice would need to be sent to the parties listed. Some states require you as a subcontractor or supplier to even record or file your notice in county records. Based on the state’s requirements, we go the extra mile to obtain any and all information needed to property execute your notices.


A lien on real property is an encumbrance on the property, much like a mortgage or judgment.  It will cause problems for the owner, should they choose to refinance or sell the property.  With a valid lien in place, you’re essentially in line to get the amount claimed by the forced sale, or foreclosure on the property.  Even if the owner bonds around your valid lien, you still remain in a good position to pursue your claim with an attorney, filing against the bond that was recorded in lieu of the lien.

Our Private Works services also include the following:

  • Legal Description
  • Ownership of Property
  • Release of Lien