General Services

Our General Services include the following.  Please contact us for more information.


Many states require a notice be given a certain number of days in advance of a lien being recorded on the property.  Some are 10 days prior, some 15, some even 30.  There are also a couple of states that have balance due notices once your aging reaches a certain point, which may require several of these types of notices.  Even in states that don’t require a lien warning, it can be a great tool to alert the owner and give them a “last chance” to take care of your outstanding debt, which may prevent needing to go as far as a lien on the property.


Many states give the option to do a stop pay notice.  This will apply mostly when there is a construction loan on the property.  Each state has different time requirements for doing this.  A stop pay notice can be a very effective and fast way to get payment.  With a stop pay notice request, we will research the construction lender and send copies to all required parties.  Inquire within to find out if this is something that can help you with your project!