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I have been with Lien Research since 1988 when my father-in-law decided to start a family business. Except for a couple of years being home with my children I have been at Lien Research from the beginning. When Walter moved in 1998 I purchased the business with my sister-in-law. I took over full ownership in 2010. I take huge pride in the relationships we have formed over the years with our clients. Our number one priority at Lien Research is our customer service and those working relationships we have formed. I have a wonderful staff here that I am lucky enough to get to work with every day. So proud of our team!! Ramsey and I have been married for 33 years, we enjoy traveling, spending time with family and friends and watching the Seahawks!! We have two grown sons Samir & Colin and a beautiful new daughter-in-law Megan. Life is good!! —GO HAWKS!



I worked for 2 different title insurance companies in the 70s and had a little over 5 years experience, then I worked for another Lien company in the 80s for 8 ½ years, and left there when I was hired by Lien Research Corp. on October 17, 1988, and I am on my 28th year with Lien Research. I have been doing property research for about 38 years. When I started with the title cos. we had no computers, some documents were on microfilm, but mostly we had the old tract books, when document was recorded, the title cos wrote them by hand in the tract book pertaining to that property, we had an all night shift. I worked a little construction in the 70s, but never made a profession out of it, along with some retail in high school and later on. I like to play golf, not as much as I would like though. I am a big Mariners and Seahawks fan as well as the Huskies. I also enjoy model railroading, good winter hobby, and belong to a model railroad club in Everett. I was born in Toledo, Ohio, 1948, my parents moved to Seattle in 1951, and have been here ever since. I grew up in Bellevue, graduated from Sammamish High School in 1967, went to Bellevue Community College for a couple of semesters.



I have been with Lien Research since 1995 (I started out at 15 years old as the file girl) and currently research all jobs outside of Washington, Oregon & Idaho, public and private works, and am also the Office Manager. Much of my time at Lien Research is spent researching, whether it be property and/or project research, or studying and updating the 50 state lien law summary, which we have available to our clients. My husband owns and operates a small concrete business, and together we have 4 children, one of which is in college. In 2014 I got my Associate Degree in Business. One day I’d like to continue the higher education journey, but for now am content with working and being a gymnastics / karate / soccer (or whatever sport is going on) mom for my kiddos. Oh, and did I mention.. GO HAWKS!!



I’ve been with Lien Research since 2004. I started out doing administrative duties and then went on to research Oregon construction projects. After some time, I also researched public works projects and recently spent the last few years researching jobs in Washington. I am now researching primarily Oregon again, and Washington jobs in the Puget Sound area on Dave’s days off. I’ve always been involved and interested in the construction industry ever since I was young. I feel extremely fortunate to have the role that I do here at LRC and I absolutely love the career I’ve made for myself. My co-workers are the absolute best friends anyone could ever ask for and I truly enjoy working with each of them. Judy is, by far, the best boss you could ever imagine and I am so grateful to her and this business for all that they do for my family and me. I look forward to a long and bright future with this company and plan on partnering with Karyn when Judy retires someday. Karyn is a huge influence on me. She inspires me to aspire greater things in life.



I was born in Washington and have lived here my whole life. I couldn’t image living in any other state. To my surprise my husband and I bought a house just a few miles from where we grew up. I married my high school sweetheart in 2010, and we began a family in 2013. We now have two wonderful, curious and energetic sons together. I’ve been with Lien Research since 2011 and enjoy being a part of the team here and plan on being here for many more to come.



I started with stuffing mail at Lien Research when I was 16 years old. I fell in love with my job and my coworkers instantly, this is a wonderful group of people that I am lucky to be a part of. I have two little girls who keep me very busy. They are 1 yr / 3 months apart, We play a lot of dress up in my house (daddy included), we like to cook and dance. I have two sisters who are my best friends that all live in the same neighborhood. Family is very important to me and it's a wonderful thing to feel like family at your work too.
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