How Do I File A Homeowner’s Association (HOA) Lien In Washington State?

Working Hard For Your Homeowner's Association

How To File A Homeowner's Association Lien In Washington State:

The process of chasing down unpaid homeowner association dues can be time-consuming as well as quite frustrating. We take care of that problem using the Lien Filing processes available to us. We have developed many professional relationships with assessors, building departments, and title companies nationwide, enabling us to obtain information often unavailable to other companies. This helps us to verify locations and specific addresses of those homeowners who owe you money. We then file the necessary liens, enabling you to gain access of your funds through the release of those assets. We handle all aspects of this process, from start to finish.

Our costs are “all inclusive.” You will find no hidden charges. Our prices include two certified letters per order as well as research of ownership and lender where applicable. You are only charged additional postage when mailing more than two certified letters is required, and/or for registered letters. If any of these letters come back to our office as a bad address and we found it during research, we will re-research for a new address and resend at no charge. If the address was provided by you, we will get permission from you to re-research and resend for a fee.

Knowing that your time is such an asset, we are primed to assist your Homeowner's Association Board with some of its more cumbersome duties. We are happy to assist your staff with a wide spectrum of tasks, a small number of which are listed here:

  • Unparalleled lien processing customer service.
  • Submit lien orders and view completed copies 24/7 through our secure website.
  • An actual person will always answer your telephone calls to our office, during business hours. You will never be asked to press dozens of buttons, nor will you speak to automated voicemail.
  • Experts in researching property ownership nationwide. We boast more than 50 years of combined experience, providing the ability to read parcel maps as well as read between the lines to accurately locate ownership for new parcels lacking addresses.
  • Foreclosure reminder included with your recorded lien copy.
  • Referrals to independent attorneys and collection agencies specializing in today’s construction industry.
  • Lien searches in most areas, nationwide.
  • Limited public records searches, including tax liens, bankruptcies, suits and judgements, UCC records, asset searches, and more.
  • Corporate, LLC, LP, Sole Proprietorship, and Partnership records.
  • Volume and prompt payment discounts available of up to 80/o off total bill. We stand poised to offer these services and more! We are continually looking for ways to improve our service, contact us anytime to let us know how we can better serve your organization and meet your individual needs.


Lien Research Corp FAQs:

Experts In The Lien Industry Since 1988

Lien Research has been helping contractors and suppliers get paid for their hard work for more than 30 years. We have filed over a half million preliminary notices in states all across the U.S. leading to the payment of millions in potentially lost revenue for our clients.

  • Lien Warning
  • Lien Search
  • Stop Notice to Lender
  • Preliminary Notice – Private Works
  • Preliminary Notice – Public Works
  • Lien – Private Works
  • Bond/Retainage Claim – Public Works
  • Property Ownership Verification
  • Lender Search
  • Notice of Commencement Search
  • Notice of Completion Search
  • Contractor License/Bond Search
  • Title Search

We will be offering online webinars and quarterly on-site seminar events, each focusing on different aspects of the lien industry. Our webinars are recorded presentations designed to provide education and training you can access at any time. The seminars are full day training events we will be holding at our headquarters in Smokey Point, WA.