Working Hard For Your Hard Work

As an attorney, whose practice focuses heavily on liens, LRC makes my life a lot easier. I have found they do a terrific job, are incredibly responsive, and I wish that all of my clients used LRC, since when I refer contractors to LRC, I know that Karyn and Judy and the rest of the team will do a terrific job. That’s been my experience, and that’s why it makes my life so much easier.



We have been using the services of Lien Research since 1993 and consider the services that they provide to be an instrumental part of the success of our collection percentages. The staff is professional, knowledgeable and considerate of the importance of their service to their client. In many situations, they have gone above and beyond for me!

Corporate Credit Manager


We have been with Lien Research for 23 years now and they’re a valued partner! They specialize in protecting our “lien rights”, which saves our bottom line from what would otherwise be
lost revenue. Their staff is friendly, professional and prompt. We also really like that all of our notices are immediately e-mailed to us upon completion, rather than waiting for postal mail or fax. This has the additional benefit of allowing us to pool all of our notices into one e-mail folder so that we can reprint any of our own documents in case we’ve misplaced the original paperwork. We’re looking forward to many more years of quality services from Lien Research!

Contractor Supplier


We have worked in a B2B capacity with Lien Research for many years. They have proven to be an honest and great organization to work with. We would recommend them to anyone needing their services.

IT Company


Our company has been using Lien Research Corp. for over 25 years to process our notices to owners and liens. They are very efficient and accurate. The website is easy to navigate and full of great information. The staff is always there to answer any questions and great to work with! They are always extremely nice, professional , and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them.

General Company


Our company has a long, successful relationship with the folks at Lien Research. We go to them for all lien related requirements. Their website is comprehensive and a great tool for filing notices and researching state lien laws. Customer service is quick and friendly and they are always there with an answer when needed. I would recommend Lien Research to anyone looking for a solid and reputable company to handle their lien needs.

General Company


Every Credit Manager in the construction trades needs an asset like Lien Research. Judy and her Team are simply the BEST in the PreLien and Lien business. “Efficiency,” “Thorough,” “Nice,” “Professional” and “Inclusive” are the adjectives I would apply to this awesome Company!

Corporate Credit Manager