Industry Developments

Preliminary Notices In Pennsylvania

There are a few states that have moved to online construction notice registries in the past decade.  Until now, those states have been Utah, Iowa and North Carolina.  As of December 31, 2016, Pennsylvania has been added to the list.  If a “Searchable Owner” has filed a Notice of Commencement through the registry, all subcontractors &…

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Recording Fees For Washington State Mechanic’s Liens

Many county auditors in Washington State have begun charging extra recording fees for extra parcel numbers.  We have no control over the number of parcel numbers that need to be included with any given lien, because they pertain strictly to the property of you construction project.  We cannot incur these additional fees, so they will…

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Changes In Pennsylvania

What changes were made in the October 14, 2014 amendments and when do they go into effect? A State Construction Notices Directory will be created for posting Owner’s Notice of Commencement, Subcontractor’s Notice of Furnishing, Owner’s Notice of Nonpayment, and Owner’s Notice of Completion.  The system applies to projects costing at least $1,500,000, referred to…

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