Lien Research Corp is very proud of the depth and quality of the service we provide to the construction industry. Often times, we have found that our clients are not fully aware of the scope of services that we offer.  What follows is a description and rundown of many of our services.


All requests for Notices to Owner and Claims or Liens received by our office have property ownership information verified. Verification is obtained through one of our many resources. We maintain a wide variety of subscriptions to information services throughout the nation. If necessary, we telephone Assessor’s, Auditor’s, etc., providing you with the most current and accurate information available. Knowing that your time is a valuable asset, we are primed to assist your credit department with some of its more cumbersome duties.

  • Verification of Contractor’s license, bond, expiration date, etc.
  • Lien searches in most areas nationwide.
  • Public records searches, including, but not limited to Tax Liens, Bankruptcies, Suits,  Judgments, etc.
  • Corporate, LLC, LP, Sole Proprietorship, and Partnership records.
  • Limited UCC record searches.
  • Your copies of liens are flagged in order to remind you of the expiration date.
  • Unparalleled customer service. Our top priority is our clientele and the professional, accurate and timely processing of your work.
  • Telephone calls to our office are always answered by a living, professional, friendly person, during business hours. You will never be asked to go through time consuming menus on the phone to receive our attention!
  • We are experts in researching property ownership nationwide. In business since 1987, our researchers have a combined 100+ years of experience! We boast the ability to read parcel maps, and to read between the lines to accurately locate ownership for even the newest parcels lacking addresses. In consideration of our expertise in our profession, our need to contact you for more information is limited.
  • Privately-owned and operated since 1987, our owners are active working members of our team, effectively ensuring jobs are processed with top care and quality.
  • Low team member turnover. Our key personnel average over 20 years of service with our company.
  • Real-time access to lien law legislation in 50 states.
  • Referrals to attorneys. We have a list of attorneys whose practice emphasizes the construction industry, available for the western United States. This list is being expanded and
    updated regularly.


We stand poised to offer these services and more! While we are continually looking for ways to improve our service, we endeavor to maintain competitive pricing. Telephone us at anytime to let us know how we can be better serve your company and meet your individual requirements.