Homeowners Association Subscription

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ADDENDUM A to Homeowners Association Agreement

L.R.C. Price List & List of Services

Services provided as follows:

General Services Price
Complete listing of entire plat’s Homeowners & their mailing addresses… $175.00
Legal Description & Ownership of Property…per lot $18.00
Lien…includes certified mailing of lien to owner. $150.00
Release of Lien… $105.00
Title Searches…searches for other liens, deeds of trust, etc… $55 / hr
Miscellaneous Services Price
Referrals to Puget Sound area Attorneys and Collection agencies who specialize in Lien Laws, Foreclosures & Collections. No Charge

Remember, any service that needs to be performed within 3 business days will be charged a “rush fee” of $395.00 for liens and $245.00 for releases. Lien Research Corp will not be responsible for orders placed with less than 3 business days to complete following legal requirements. Subscriber assumes full responsibility for “RUSH” jobs. We allow a 2% discount for accounts paid by the 10th of the month. Our prices are “all inclusive”. There are no hidden costs or charges.

HOA Subscription Agreement